Frobo Pet Bowl


It goes without saying that many living things are made up of mostly water, and very few species are able to live in a hot and arid condition for long periods of time that span years without a single drop of water. As for our four legged friends, they too, need fresh water frequently, and considering that they sweat through their tongues, making sure there is an adequate supply of fresh water is all the more important. With the $29.99 Frobo Pet Bowl, you are able to ensure Fido has a refreshing drink at all times, as it is capable of chilling water for up to 8 hours.

You need not prepare ice cubes for your pooch, as some dogs like to chew on them ice cubes, and these tend to melt too fast as well. Why not rely on good old fashioned science to get the job done? The Frobo Pet Bowl requires you to put the freeze core in the freezer for a couple of hours. Wait until the color turns into blueish-white, which signals that you’re ready to place the core in the base, followed by filling it up with water.

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