We-Watt and their WeBike

If you find yourself losing against the battle of the bulge, then you might want to take certain steps to ensure that victory is at hand in the end. It is all right to lose a few battles to some steaks and ice cream here and there, but the war must be won ultimately. We-Watt from Belgium has an idea that might just help you burn some calories whenever you are working – and not only that, the kind of energy you expend will not be put to waste, but rather, can also help provide some much needed juice for the modern thirsty gadgets that we have all come to know and love. Known as the WeBike, this modern piece of furniture will come in an interesting formation of a cedar-clad table alongside a trio of pedaling stations.
This would definitely make the entire working and pedaling experience a whole lot more social, and as we all know, to exercise with your colleagues would definitely be incentive enough to see who can outdo one another, instead of flying solo. The WeBike is said to be debuting at a Brussels airport in due time, although it has already made its way to restaurants and a shopping mall in that part of the world. No idea on how much it will cost, but how much pedaling does one need to make in order to fully charge an iPhone?