Onion Goggles – Don't Cry for your Dinner


Here at Coolest Gadgets we have reported on camera goggles, night vision goggles and even beer goggles, so today I thought I would introduce you to Onion Goggles, made specifically to help keep the tears away while preparing dinner.
I often wonder who cut up the first onion, had a horrendous tear jerking reaction and decided to eat the darn things anyway, but I guess I’m glad they did.
Your tears are caused by irratating compounds being released when the cells of the onion are damaged by the blade of your knife. The tears that follow are released when your body attempts to dilute the stinging chemical.
I’ve tried peeling my onions underwater, after they have been chilled or even holding my breath, the only thing that works? Buying frozen pre-chopped onion at the grocery store, but they don’t taste as good and they’re just too expensive!
Welcome Onion Goggles, made especially to combat this age old problem, these comfortably designed goggles fit snugly against your face and a soft foam seal presses around your peepers keeping out the offending fumes, and keeping your mascara intact. So if a box of tissue isn’t your idea of a cool kitchen gadget, Onion Goggles may be for you. Get yours from our friends at ThinkGeek.com for under 25 bucks

1 thought on “Onion Goggles – Don't Cry for your Dinner”

  1. While keeping the fumes out of your eyes seeems like good idea it does not solve the whole problem. The fumes from the onion affects you sinus cavity just as much as direct contact to the eyes so you will still be crying with your goggles on. Not to mention the tear you will shed when you realize you just wasted 25 bucks. May be wear a noze clip at the same time. At which point you may as well just get a gas mask.

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