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So your little tyke wants to be all grown up like daddy and own his or her own set of tools? Of course, giving hardware that has sharp ends and edges which cut stuff up like a hot knife through butter to children who are unable to handle such tools with maturity is never a good idea, as you can never quite tell just when an accident might happen. ThinkGeek steps in with the $7.99 Kids Swiss Army Knife, letting little John or Jane feel smug, knowing that he or she is walking in daddy’s footsteps.

After all, which adult, especially the guys, who do not love fooling around with their fair share of tools? The Swiss Army Knife is definitely one of those gizmos that are handy to have around, not to mention help you out in a tight spot if you are MacGyver. As for the Kids Swiss Army Knife, it will not be able to pick locks, but rather, help your little one have a nice, hearty meal without missing a beat. The half dozen plastic tools will comprise of fork and spoon that are large enough to eat, while the saw blade and the knife will be able to slice through cake, hot dogs, or sandwiches with ease. Enter the can opener/screwdriver which is strong enough to pry apart stubborn plastic bricks.

Last but not least, the magnifying lens helps you have a fun backyard science excursion, in addition to the more mischievious ones burning up some ants in the process.

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Capt J M Vaishnav Says: April 29, 2012 at 8:00 pm

Why the serrated knife / hacksaw blade? In my opinion kids should not have access to such tools. Also, could be misused.

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