UCube Digital USB Speakers


Looking for a pair of speakers for your notebook? Let’s face the fact that most notebooks do not come with a decent audio solution, which is why there is always a market for items like the $149.99 UCube Digital USB Speakers. Measuring a mere 3.25″ square, the UCube is an ultra portable computer peripheral, and chances are you would not probably notice it take up much space on your desk. Not only that, they are definitely lookers and will not end up as a sore thumb on your work desk. Since these speakers will connect to your computer via USB, there is no need to lug around another power supply on your travels.

Not only that, the speakers are completely detachable from the hefty aluminum stands, allowing you to minimize the footprint. The UCube is able to coax out a maximum of 15 watts per channel, and with Balance Mode Radiator (BMR for short), it is said to be able to deliver a full frequency range with a wide dispersion pattern that would certainly be more than welcome for your ears to listen to.

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rg Says: April 27, 2012 at 11:21 pm

15 W per channel implies 30 W total output. USB specifications give max of 5 W ( 5 V 1A ) in the port. Perhaps you should share RMS output ?

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