Light Up Big Bang Rocket

Kids these days are extremely hard to please. When Christmas comes around and they do not find the new iPad underneath the Christmas tree, expect them to throw a tantrum that you would never have dared to back in your younger days. The trick is to insulate them from all of these gadgets and gizmos that they would spend just a few days with before they get bored of it and lust after another device that they saw on the TV, being advertised as the “only gadget they will ever need”. Well, you cannot be a Luddite, so how about taking a different approach during their formative years? This is where the $19.99 Light Up Big Bang Rocket comes in handy, where it is ideal to amuse kids of different ages, and you need not put in that much effort as well. All you need to do is trim old newspaper into squares, snap the top closed, grab the tail, toss it in the air and be patient – albeit for a while, as the big bang is about to arrive! The moment it is launched into the air, it will light up in multicolored animated light, and when the law of gravity takes over eventually, it will deliver a rather satisfying BANG sound!! You will need a trio of AAA batteries to go along with this puppy though.]]>