Griffin Technology announces SmartTalk Solar


Griffin Technology has recently announced the SmartTalk Solar, which is a handsfree solar-charged speakerphone that targets smartphone owners. After all, we all know that it is for our own safety as well as the rest of the road users that we do not drive with just one hand, while the other hand handles a smartphone or even a featurephone. In fact, one is liable to be pulled over for a fine and being chastized by the highway officer for flaunting the road rules, endangering the lives of others in the process. The SmartTalk Solar intends to reduce the chances of you talking on your phone with just one hand on the wheel, and will connect to any compatible handset via Bluetooth.

It also makes sense for Griffin Technology to include a solar panel into the SmartTalk Solar. After all, many of us do not mind parking under the searing hot sun these days, considering how there are less and less green lungs in cities to provide shade for our vehicles. Why not make the most of natural sunlight then? The solar panel will work passively, storing up energy in its reserves so that you are able to talk for a long, long time and even into the night when there is no sunlight left.

Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology, says, “Staying focused while driving is harder than ever with all the distractions that can come from smartphones. Griffin’s DriveSafe products and new SmartTalk Solar make it easy to stay connected on the road while maintaining safe driving habits.”

The SmartTalk Solar is also clever in its own way thanks to the motion-sensing Auto Connect feature which will link to a paired smartphones as soon as you enter the car. Not only that, the SmartTalk Solar also boasts of multipoint pairing feature that conveniently allows connection of two different phones – simultaneously, yo!

Expect the SmartTalk Solar to be mounted onto the windshield with the solar panel facing the glass, ensuring the internal battery will remain juiced up at all possible moments for extended talk time. You can answer and place calls using a single large button, or decide to go the voice recognition route by activating the smartphone’s voice command features.

The SmartTalk Solar will retail for $69.99 a pop if you are interested.

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