Is it a Boat? a Plane? NO, it's a Submarine

I find it completely amazing the types of things one might be able to experience, provided they have several million dollars of disposable income lying around in their pillow cushions, I guess a bit more understandable is the sheer number of companies out there ready to cater to those folks with that kind of money. When I have my first splurge worthy few million, I’m heading off to Hawkes Ocean Technologies for the new Deepflight Merlin. The lightweight, private, luxury submarine, is dubbed the Learjet of the deep. This high-performance, positively buoyant 3 passenger vehicle is equipped with state of the art, patented safety systems and extends the overall capabilities of scuba, following SCUBA rules, while offering the unique experience of underwater flight.   Unlike most conventional submersibles which use ballast to sink in the water, the DeepFlight submersibles use downward “lift” on the wings so you can actually “fly” down to depth. Think about it, you and two of your closest friends can sweep over colorful reefs, banking turns while searching for sunken treasure or simply enjoying the view. Flying and gliding through the undersea world, all this, and you never have to worry about falling out of the sky like a shot duck. Hawkes Ocean Technologies offers a complete range of submersibles that can dive from the surface to the deepest parts of the ocean. Ultra-lightweight and compact, all the DeepFlight submersibles can be operated from your boat or from the shore. Personally, I’m going with the boat option, might as well grab myself a yacht while I’m at it. To check out specs or pricing please visit and I’ll see ya around the reefs! source]]>