Flyme OS 1.0 arrives for Meizu MX and M9 this June


Have you heard of Meizu before? Well, here is a little history lesson before we continue – Meizu was the first company to come up with their self proclaimed iPhone killer back when Apple first released the iPhone in 2007. Of course, the aesthetics of their smartphone is there for all and sundry to look at, but when you break it down into the overall user experience as well as app ecosystem, there is no way the Meizu offering could live up to expectations as an iPhone killer. Since then, many have come and gone bearing the iPhone killer banner, but none failed to deliver, allowing the iPhone to remain supreme.

Well, this does not mean that Meizu has already thrown in the towel, and they have worked on other smartphones over the years since 2007, with the most recent model being a quad-core processor running in the Meizu MX, which is an update to the previous Meizu MX that had a dual-core processor underneath the hood. As for the operating system of choice, Meizu has decided to stick to Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, except that they have tweaked it until it is known as the Flyme OS. Flyme OS 1.0 will roll out this June for both Meizu MX and M9 smartphones.

Since the Meizu M9 is a relatively older handset, it goes to show just how Meizu is committed towards its old users. Just what does Flyme OS 1.0 deliver? For starters, it is said to offer a powerful range of features and user-friendliness alongside a simple and elegant design, and initial impressions, regardless of whether at home or abroad, have been nothing but high praise. Meizu decided to focus on user experience right from the get go this time around, and I guess it is a way of learning from their past mistakes that great looking hardware alone can only carry a device so far.

You can wait for the OTA (Over The Air) update in June this year, or head on to Meizu’s website for a manual download by then.

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