Dell Precision tower workstations get redesign

Let’s face the fact that tablets and smartphones these days tend to hog the headlines when it comes to computing devices, and computers are not all that hot anymore. This does not mean that nobody is buying desktops, notebooks and workstations any longer, but rather, the more interesting bits of news and rumors all hail from the smartphone and tablet departments. Dell is having none of that though, rolling out a press release that details their newly redesigned range of Dell Precision tower workstations which are touted to “give creative and design professionals new levels of performance.”

This new line of Precision workstations will come with new patented technology that does away with virtually all memory errors, thereby increasing the reliability of the workstation while maximizing uptime for the user without causing any more additional stress. Not only that, there is an externally removable power supply which is the first and only one of its kind in the industry where a mainstream tower workstation is concerned. The power supply itself is lockable and comes with a built-in handle which will light up in green when working properly. This would definitely come in handy to decrease the amount of downtime spent in detecting and servicing issues.
Front accessible hard drives make it far easier to perform upgrades as well as swapping out hard drives in a jiffy, especially those who are immersed in data intensive fields such as video editing, military and research organizations. You will be able to figure out your very own configuration according to your need thanks to its ability to hold up to a quartet of 3.5-inch hard drives or eight 2.5-inch hard drives.
Not only that, Remote Access will enable the Dell Precision T7600 to convert easily to a rack solution, letting you mount it to virtually any standard Dell PowerEdge server rack. Through the central location of the workstations, businesses are able to maintain a clean and quiet work environment, ensuring that all relevant hardware remains tucked away in a safe place, while offering remote workers access via a Dell Precision FX100 zero client.
The new Dell Precision tower workstation portfolio comprises the Dell Precision T7600, the Dell Precision T5600, the Dell Precision T3600, and the Dell Precision T1650, with one to suit just about any budget.
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