8-Bit PC case Super Mushroom

One of the more endearing bits of the Mario universe would be mushroom – you can never run into the danger of eating the wrong kind of mushroom, as they all offer great powerups such as shrinking to a small size, growing up to being a Super Mario, or even the Giant Mario that lets you run through blocks and walk over enemies, and everyone’s favorite, the 1-Up Mushroom. Well, the Super Mushroom in the 8-bit classic has now been realized in the form of a $1,600 8-Bit PC case Super Mushroom.
Yes sir, the name itself gives the game away, and the price point comprises of the PC case in addition to driver setup and Windows installation – as for the kind of components that you want to stash inside, you will have to inflate the final price point to boot. Shipping might cost approximately $200 according to the artist behind this unique case, but you know for sure this is one work of art that you might be tempted to part with your hard-earned money for. You mates will definitely be envious when they see this in your living room.