Zombie Bleeding Mutilated Target Dummies

I guess with the number of TV series as well as movies depicting a zombie apocalypse that is just one test tube or scientific experiment gone wrong away from plaguing mankind, it makes perfect sense that some of us are far more ready to face a horde of hungry-for-brains zombies rather than tomorrow’s work or algebra test. However, hacking down your loved one who has already turned could end up being a disaster as you freeze – which is why practice makes perfect is applied with the $89.99 Zombie Bleeding Mutilated Target Dummies.
Paper targets will not get you anywhere, and with the Zombie Bleeding Mutilated Target Dummies, these zombie torsos come complete with hazy eyes as well as mottled grey skin. If you let loose some bullets at them, they will bleed – whatever dead blood left that is coursing through their veins, of course. The zombies can be shot with over 1000 rounds of assorted calibers, and they can be reused for future target practice.