Robotic rings offer a unique way to interact with robots


What you see above are actually robotic rings which will be able to imitate not only ey, but mouth movements as well, and it is not something that guys would want to us when it comes to proposing to their respective girlfriends, upgrading the status to Wife 1.0. So then, what would be the function of such rings? For starters, they are being developed by a research group at Keio University, and according to a brief description as provided by the research group, “When you wear this robot on your hand, it forms a medium for communication using the hand. So the robot serves as a device for enhancing the animal-like, imitative ways that people use their hands.”

The robot itself will feature electromagnetic motors in the eyes, where these can be controlled in an electrical manner. At the bottom segment, there lies a microcontroller which is the “brain” that moves the eyes, with all of it being powered by a battery. It must be said that up till now, the robots have more or less communicated with ordinary humans from a distance, including pet robots like Sony’s now defunct Aibo robotic dog, and androids (no, not the mobile operating system, but rather, humanoid-like robots).

Robots have yet to be attached to the human body, and this working concept does give a deeper look into such a possibility, and I am quite sure that it is far cuter than what you had previously imagined. This accessory is fun to wear, and might just pave the way for a faster progression as to how such wearable robots might go beyond the research stage at light speed.

Right now, a special-purpose microcontroller and a PC will control the robot, but we are keen to hear that future improvements ought to allow it to sense motion by the wearer as well as those who are nearby, allowing it to move automatically. To have it look like a toy also makes it more adorable, and more folks too, would be able to warm up to it in a shorter than expected time.


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Gary Says: April 16, 2012 at 11:24 am

“Talk to the hand . . .”

Michael R. Martin Says: April 17, 2012 at 5:58 pm

Someone found a warehouse dull of Furbie parts! Seriously, look at those things. It’s Furbie’s eyes and mouth

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