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Not all cars are made the same, and the same applies to pieces of furniture in your home, too. Enter the Functional Gamer Furniture that will definitely roll back the years, especially for those who have a penchant for 8-bit gaming. Why do I say so? It is actually a Nintendo Controller Coffee Table that would add a dash of class to your man cave. The brainchild of designer Charles Lushear, what makes this NES controller coffee table all the more desirable is not only its looks, it is also fully functional, letting you enjoy saving the Princess from the nefarious grip of Bowser for the umpteenth time, while sipping on your morning cuppa.

It is constructed using premium maple, mahogany and walnut, and obviously, the amount of work that goes into it would cost you more than just spare change. A gold coin from the Kingdom might be worth the trade, but in our reality, it is going to cost you a cool $3,500 instead. It would be interesting to input the Nintendo code using your coffee table, and reaching the right button at the correct time might prove tricky, but it might just be the thing that keeps your hands and fingers flexible.


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