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Sagemcom Sixty Digital Cordless Phone


Most of us would probably not use a landline any more these days, considering how cheap mobile plans are, and not having the need for a landline in the first place. Of course, there are others who prefer to stick to tradition, but I can say for sure that the number of landline fans are dropping as each year passes by. What happens when someone decides to take the old and merge it with the new? An example involving the landline would be the £89.99 Sagemcom Sixty Digital Cordless Phone, where it will come in a sleek design with an orange or chrome finish, boasting retro sound effects and light effects on the round dial.

Definitely an attention grabber no matter which part of the room you decide to place it, the Sagemcom Sixty Digital Cordless Phone has an LCD touchscreen display that shows off the time and date, while letting you access a slew of functions in a jiffy such as your digital address book. It holds up to 150 names and numbers, and you can also view messages, adjust settings and see who is calling via caller ID on said LCD display.

Heck, it even has an integrated answering machine, capable of storing up to 24 minutes’ worth of messages. Beautiful as it may be, I still think it is overkill for a landline device.

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Gadgetbucks Says: April 15, 2012 at 1:13 pm

Land line for business is more reliable, this one is really interesting.

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