Samsung announces Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Players for the US market


Samsung intends to expand their Galaxy family of devices, and this time around, it would be the Galaxy Tab range that will see an increase in the family member count. We will have two new models of the Galaxy Tab 2 arrive, where one of them will carry a 7″ display, while the other has a far more comfortable 10″ display. For those who just want a pure portable media player experience, there is a couple of Galaxy Players for you to play around with before deciding on a purchase.

I am guessing here that Apple fanboys will not bother with what Samsung has on offer here, since they would pretty much want to stick to their iPad as well as iPod touch or iPhone. Nevertheless, the show must go on, so let us check out just what Samsung wants to share with the world this time around after the jump.

The Galaxy Tab 2 Series, as mentioned earlier, will be available in both 10.1″ and 7.0″ screen sizes, and both of them will not be found wanting when it comes to performance, thanks to the dual-core processor inside that runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. There will be an integrated IR blaster inside both tablets for universal remote capabilities, not to mention an easily accessible memory card slot so that it will be a snap for you to load your favorite multimedia content in a jiffy without having to open up the back side of the tablet’s case.

With the Smart Remote App and the aforementioned built-in IR Blaster, it will be able to transform the Tab 2 into a universal smart remote, letting viewers, even guests to your home, find their favorite shows in a snap. With more than 450,000 apps to choose from, easy access to your favorite movies and TV shows from Google Play or Media Hub, as well as Adobe Flash support, you know for sure you will not complain about the lack of entertainment in your life.

As for the Galaxy Players, they place the power of Android in the Hand without the need for Service Contracts. They will come in 4.2″ and 3.6″ resolution models, and will feature Wi-Fi connectivity. It can hook up to other devices via USB 2.0 or Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity as well, and you can also load your multimedia content via a microSD memory card.

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Muqhtar Baig Says: May 23, 2015 at 11:32 am

from where we can get this galaxy tablet 2 at just $249.99

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