Nutritional Scale helps you control your diet

How many of us actually bother to read the nutritional label that is printed on the box of snacks and cereal that we picked up at the supermarket? I suppose if we are too lazy to do so, or are one who is on the other extreme, calculating calories with each and every single morsel of food that we take, then the $69.95 Nutritional Scale might be just the perfect device to have at home. Touted to be the most accurate and only model that measures calcium, magnesium, and potassium, the nutritional readings on this puppy were compared to the USDA Nutrient Database, deviating all of just 0.56% for fat and 2.41% for calories, making it the best in the market so far when compared to its peers which actually deviated by as much as 181.41% and 20.73%, respectively. It can store up to 99 entries, and allows you to track your daily nutrition. There lies a 50″ square food platform which is far more generous than what other scales offer, and can weigh up to 11 lb. portions, which is nearly double that of its rivals. A quartet of AAA batteries will run this thing, and I don’t think it will take up too much juice to warrant a new set of rechargeable batteries to go along with it. ]]>