4 Color LCD Weather Station

For those of us who have been alive for quite some time already, don’t you feel that the weather has gone all wonky on us? Back then, we more or less could anticipate just what kind of weather happens at a particular season. These days, things are a whole lot more different. Winter arrives late on some continents, it starts to pour during the dry season, and the monsoon season sees very little rain. Overall global temperatures have gone up, and the weather’s a whole lot crazier now, although the weather report segment on the evening news continues to fail to entertain. Why bother with a suited man or lady telling you what tomorrow’s weather is like when you have the $79.99 4 Color LCD Weather Station? This unique device will show indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, current weather conditions, heat index, and dew point. Not only that, to make sure you get out of bed even during the coldest mornings, the 4 Color LCD Weather Station comes with a built-in alarm clock function, displaying the date, time, and even the moon phase so that you can avoid werewolves on select evenings. ]]>