Double Barrel Marshmallow Shooter


Mom always chided us for playing with our food, and I am quite sure a toy like this $34.99 Double Barrel Marshmallow Shooter will never sell back in her day, as well as in previous generations. This is partly due to the values of yore, where life was pretty tough back then, and food was extremely scarce during those two World Wars. Well, times have certainly changed over the years, and these days, you see tons of food being wasted everyday at hotel buffet lines and even at homes in developed countries.

With the Double Barrel Marshmallow Shooter, you will not use peas or other regular forms of ammunition, but rather, will take the delicious route as each magazine on this puppy is able to hold 25 marshmallows, for a combined total of 50 to pelt your target with. It is capable of a 30 foot range, although I am absolutely positive that this will not be able to do much during a zombie apocalypse unless it can hold brain matter. I do not mind being on the receiving end of the Double Barrel Marshmallow Shooter though, making sure I have a mug of frothy, hot chocolate in hand prior.

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