Dehydration Preventing Pedometer


When it comes to getting enough exercise, there is this device known as the pedometer that is capable of calculating just how many steps you have taken throughout the day, and some of the more advanced models are even able to let you know the number of calories which you have burned. Unfortunately for some of us, we might be so zealous in the battle against the bulge, so much so that we forget some of the basics of exercise – including drinking enough water to replenish our dehydrated selves. This is where the $74.95 Dehydration Preventing Pedometer comes into play, where it is smart enough to estimate the amount of fluid that you will lose during workouts, alerting you when it thinks that it is time to take a pause and rehydrate.

In order to have it function as accurately as possible, you will need to enter your gender, height, and weight. The pedometer is capable of automatically factoring in the temperature and relative humidity in order to predict fluid loss, sounding off an alarm whenever it is time to take a sip of water (although your favorite energy drinks might also work). A piezoelectric sensor will see action in tracking your activities, and it has also been clinically proven more accurate than spring-levered models. Any takers?

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