Footbooteo offers fun in a different way


They say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and with the £39.99 Footbooteo, you are able to get your fair share of fun with your family and friends, while nicking in a little bit of exercise at the same time to boot. This particular classic game of flick-and-kick looks set to be on the verge of making quite a comeback, but since your fingers are all grown up, perhaps having an upscaled version in a life sized manner might just do the trick. Footbooteo will help you roll back the years as you just need to strap your feet into the giant ABS discs, and let your friends do all the pushing as the ‘team’ dribbles the ball up the field and attempt to score a goal.

This is a contact sport, so you can be sure that it is not meant to be for the faint of heart. Just how many people do you need to get a Footbooteo team going? We are looking at 4 outfield players, a goalie and a substitute for each team. All 50cm diameter discs will come coated in Teflon for smooth gliding over just about any surface, although we would not recommend playing this on a sheet of ice for obvious reasons.

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