Dubstepladder lets you bring your musical talent to new heights

Now, you ought to consider the Dubstepladder only if you need not work for a single day for the rest of your life, since your bank account has been filled to the brim so much so that you can retire young without a care in the world. Yes, we are talking about a £70,000 purchase for this Dubstepladder. For those who are not in the know, the phenomenon known as dubstep has more or less taken over the rest of the world, where one is unable to even sneeze without having someone else remix it. The Dubstepladder offers something different, as it will enable you to come up with your own original dubstep tunes as you climb up and down it. There are pressure-sensitive rungs that have been specially pre-programmed to play a 5-second burst of grimy, bass-heavy gibberish each time you decide to put some weight on the step.
Not only that, there is also an integrated modulation interface located right at the top, enabling you to tweak them as you work. The next time you have windows to clean or a wall to paint or fixtures to put up, just step up and down and hopefully, whatever comes out can be pieced into a pounding, electro-cacophony. Oh yeah, did we mention that there is also a 12′ tall sub bass sound system that accompanies each purchase?
Update: Folks, this is an April Fool’s joke just in case you were wondering.

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