Converge USB Charging Hub

A USB charging hub is one ordinary accessory that we have all come to take for granted. I mean, how many people would actually give a second look to this particular USB accessory? Not many, I suppose. Thinkgeek has a mind to change your viewpoint by introducing the $39.99 Converge USB Charging Hub, where it will be able to juice up to a quartet of exhausted device batteries via USB in style and comfort. When you are done, just stash away the cables in the back – and you know what they say, out of sight, out of mind.
All you need to do is plug the power source into your nearest outlet and you are good to go. Just bear in mind that USB might stand for Universal Serial Bus, but that does not mean it is capable of powering up Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit or the Blackberry Torch, Blackberry Curve, or the Barnes & Noble Nook. Don’t ask me why those devices are exempted, but then again, going with what the majority of people use is always a better idea than supporting more obscure devices.

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