Jot Capacitive Touch Stylus

Since so many devices these days come with a touchscreen display, it makes perfect sense that there are moments when you just do not want to use your fingers to manipulate the icons on the touchscreen display itself, be it when you are busy gorging on a bucket of spicy buffalo wings, or when it is freezing cold out there, and you do not want to remove that comfortable pair of wool gloves. Enter the stylus, but with so many choices in the market, just which direction should you go? The Jot Capacitive Touch Stylus from ThinkGeek might just fit the bill, where it feels as though you are holding a familiar ballpoint pen. It is made out of durable aluminum and steel for the exterior, making you feel as though you are writing like a boss right from the get go.
Those who suck at Draw Something might think that this is because they lack the proper drawing tools, and with the Jot Capacitive Touch Stylus, perhaps it is just what you need to elevate your performance to da Vinci levels. Jot is said to play nice with the majority of screen protectors, but do take note that it will do work with the following – Zagg Glossy, Ghost Armor, Bodyguardz, Skinomi, and Wrapsol.