FireDock by Grace Digital

iPod, iPad and iPhone docks are dime a dozen, but what about numerous other tablets out there in the market? Well, thankfully, third party accessory manufacturers have cast a vision that is far wider than that of just the Apple realm. Take Grace Digital for instance – they are not exactly the type to roll out audio docks for portable media players and smartphones, but I guess they see more than enough potential in the Amazon Kindle Fire to go to the drawing board and make sure that something comes out of the meeting room at the end of the day. We are talking about the FireDock that targets the Amazon Kindle Fire.
This innovative charging speaker dock will come with full-range high quality stereo sound that was developed exclusively to enhance the Kindle Fire’s audio and video experience. Of course, the Kindle Fire is not the first device that one would think of when it comes to portable media players, but that does not mean one should just bypass it, considering its strategically placed price point as a tablet. More on the FireDock in the extended post.

The FireDock from will ship this coming July for $129.99 a pop, which might sound rather pricey, but hold on to your horses just yet. There must be a reason for this particular sticker price, and Grace Digital hopes to persuade skeptics by offering a USB port, headphone jack and power button that are located right at the bottom of the tablet. This is in stark contrast to majority of the 3.5mm speaker docks that are available in the market, where they do not offer charging while in use, and life is made difficult when it comes to accessing the device’s buttons.
The Grace FireDock will be able to juice up the Kindle Fire while hooked on AC power, and there is also the optional (which is obviously sold separately) lithium-ion battery-pack that paves the way for maximum portability. The rotating cradle of the FireDock is able to holds the 7–inch tablet in a secure manner, regardless of whether you want to place it in horizontal or vertical viewing angles.
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