Take photos with your fingers thanks to the Ubi-Camera

You remember when you were a little kid, and there was no such thing as digital cameras back then? Most of the time, when our parents wanted to snap photos of their exuberant and energy filled children running around, a stern shout is required to make sure we all stop in our tracks, tuck in our shirts, straighten out ourselves and pose in front of the camera. Dad would then use his hands to “frame” a particular shot, by making an L-shape with his thumb and pointing finger on both hands, merging them into a rectangle, followed by clicking on the shutter button.
Who would have thought that such a physical act would finally end up in the 21st century as a gesture that might just kick start the way we shoot photos? These days, digital cameras are all the rage, and even smaller kids do have a DSLR that they can call their own. Well, the Ubi-Camera might just change or rather, revolutionize the way things are run – allowing you to capture photos that have been composed simply by framing them using your hands. This is a prototype miniature camera that is being developed by a research group at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, which we will read about later after the jump.

According to the folks behind the Ubi-Camera, “When you draw a picture or take a photo, you sometimes form a rectangle with your hands to decide the composition. With this camera, you can take a photo using the exact same motion. You attach this device to your index finger, and form a rectangle with your finger like this. You take the photo by using the rectangle as the viewfinder, like this. When you push hard with your thumb, the shutter is pressed.”
The camera itself comes with a range sensor, while the framing is determined by the distance between the camera and the photographer’s face. Using the current system that is still in development, the lens will feature a fixed focal length, while all zooming is done digitally on a PC. This particular method of photography renders viewfinders and displays as unnecessary. Basically, even using a miniature camera, you are able to snap photos intuitively while peering over the actual scene.