Angry Birds Action Game


The Angry Birds franchise has certainly flown far and wide, with their latest adventures seeing our feathered friends ending up in space. Well, you might want to have non-digital Angry Birds action right in the comfort of your living room with the £24.99 Angry Birds Action Game, but of course, this means resetting any level would require some time compared to just tapping the “Replay” button on your smartphone’s display. It does not matter whether you want to play this indoors or outdoors, the Angry Birds Action Game is a brilliant kit that allows manages to transfer all the brilliance of the game itself into the physical world for the whole family to enjoy.

Just lay out the scoring mat, set up the rickety wooden platform with a carefully placed green pig on top, and you are good to go. Remember that in all the excitement, different parts can go missing, especially since you are required to pelt birds in the direction of the green pig to knock it off its perch. Points are scored depending on where he lands on the mat, leaving it a whole lot to random chance with some skill required.

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