Augmented reality greeting cards could be the future?


The greeting card business is something of a multi-billion dollar industry, and there are cards for just about any and every occasion, be it funerals, birthdays, marriages, being single again, going out for a date, a new baby, the list is virtually endless. Just how else do you think the greeting card industry is going to progress in the months and years ahead? We have already looked at sound chips being incorporated into such cards, playing back a jingle or song when you open it, or even snazzy holographic covers. Moonpig and Zappar have an entirely different idea though – their partnership is hoped to change the landscape of greeting cards forever, thanks to the incorporation of Augmented Reality technology from Zappar.

Moonpig is currently the online market leader of greeting cards, and this particular team up with Zappar, the leader in AR entertainment products, aim to offer customers the ability to create greeting cards which will see the incorporation of personal videos and messages from the 26th of March onwards on

To get your very own greeting card out, the process is pretty simple – all you need to do is pick out a card on the Moonpig site, upload your video or personal video message, choose a still for the front of the card, and send it over the Internet to the intended recipient. The recipient will be able to do a whole lot more with the card by using the free Moonpig App (available from iTunes or the Android Market Place). This video will then play on your smartphone (or other compatible device) using Zappar’s proprietary technology from the front of the card. Alternatively, you can always save it to your camera roll for future viewing.

This opens up yet another step for merging the digital world with physical products, and I am quite sure the marketing folks are going to have a field day with this. According to Caspar Thykier, Managing Director for Zappar said, “This will be the next step in how people receive and view greeting cards, providing purchasers and recipients with a whole new way of creating personal messages. We feel implementing AR in such an everyday item as a greeting card is a great way to use the Zappar platform. It really demonstrates how the technology can truly enable a product in a commercial context with a tangible consumer benefit.”

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