Why Cry Baby Analyzer – So You’ll Know Exactly Why you arent Sleeping


I am an only child of only children, so my experience with babies is pretty limited. When I had my own child I wasn’t quite sure of anything. I’m quite certain there were times I gave her milk when she wanted to sleep and gave her a nice cuddle when she just wanted to be left alone. Heck, I’m still doing that and she’s already nine. If only they had the Why Cry Analyzer back then.

Welcome the Why Cry Analyzer that interprets your baby’s cries for you and displays the interpretation on the units LCD screen. Okay, so before you start laughing, the Baby Analyzer is clinically certified, and boasts a 90 percent accuracy rate. So while a truly seasoned mom might have it down pat, first time moms might find a little comfort in a device that can probably tell you why in the heck your up in the middle of the night, again…

It works via microphone by comparing the infants crying power,  frequency and crying intervals against an already established pattern and then provides you with the results in 20 seconds or less. So if your little bundle of joy is stressed, sleepy, hungry, bored or annoyed, the Why Cry Analyzer will let you know, and you can do the right thing by your little angel.

The Why Cry Baby Analyzer is patented, the only device of its kind and has been found in use in hospital neonatal units, it seems like it could make a great gift for the first time parent or for the gadget-hound mommy that needs to have every gizmo known to man, including a diaper wipe warmer. It might also be useful for babystitters and non-parent caregivers who might need a hand in deciphering babies cries as well. Available for under 30 bucks at Amazon.com  Now if they could just make one that lets you understand teens…


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