USB flash drive resembles hard drive

Now this is definitely a hoot – a USB flash drive that was specially manufactured to have it resemble – visually at least, a hard drive. Yes sir, who does not want something this cute in the first place? It will be a definite conversation starter, never mind the fact that it will never come close to offering the kind of storage capacities that hard drives deliver. Taiwanese firm InfoThink is behind the design of this rather ingenious computer peripheral, but we are not too pleased to see it come with just USB 2.0 connectivity.
One would have thought that by now, we would have been able to see USB 3.0 connectivity being the norm, whether as ports on most home computers as well as peripherals in the industry. I guess I am wrong in this aspect – USB 2.0 still holds quite the sway across the general populace, and USB 2.0 it is with this 8GB USB flash drive.

Perhaps not surprisingly, this InfoThink product actually ran out of stock over at as a testament to its popularity, and Amazon themselves do not know just when the product will be back in stock. I guess when the next round of stock arrives, it would definitely sell out within a short time as well. It would make a perfect collector’s item, delivering read speeds of up to 25MB/s and write speeds of up to 12MB/s, clearly placing this USB flash drive under the average category. There is a bright blue LED activity indicator that lets you know whether it is plugged in or not, and if data on it is being read.
To make sure you do not suffer from the first world problem of a lost USB cap, this mini hard drive USB flash drive comes with a retractable USB connector, ensuring it is a cinch to hook up to a desktop and stash away once you are done. Measuring 1.4″ x 1.0″ x 0.3″, it might be a wee bit too thick to have a couple of these plugged into your notebook simultaneously side by side, but that does not mean it is any less portable anyways.
You will have to fork out around $21.99 for one of these puppies, so keep your fingers crossed that Amazon will be able to receive new stock in due time – the sooner, the better, I say.

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