BumpyPhoto – For Pictures that Jump Out at You, Literally!

It seems like the plain old photograph has lost a tremendous amount of popularity. While there are still some of us that relish putting together a beautiful photo album, it seems like most of us just keep our prints on our hard drives, or we’ll even go the extra step and save them to a disc. We always promise we will pick out the very best ones and have prints made, but we never do.
Check out BumpyPhoto.com, if anything will make you want to  spend sometime gathering together some of your best shots, this might be just the thing. BumpyPhoto turns your favorite photos  into three-dimensional works of art. Made out of a super hard resin composite, this bas-relief or cameo style artwork is colored according to your photograph and finished with a layer of matte varnish.
The company suggests that while they can work from any photo,  best results are obtained when it is clear, well-illuminated and of the highest resolution available to you. BumpyPhoto will be happy to check your photos for suitability and they will retouch, or even colorize photos for an additional charge.
Prices start at around $59 and BumpyPhotos come in a wide range of sizes, including custom. See that? Mothers Day gift giving problems, solved. Visit BumpyPhoto.com for more information.