Razor Pocket Mod Bella Electric Scooter

If you need to get to your office which is just a couple of blocks away (or slightly more than that), all you need to do is flag a cab, or drive there. If you want to be more environmentally friendly (not to mention save money on parking), why not take a bicycle instead? That ought to work too, or a skateboard if you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd. As for those who prefer something more elegant than a skateboard and yet do not want to sweat it out, here is the £339.99 Razor Pocket Mod Bella Electric Scooter.
It is styled after that of the classic Italian Vespa, where it is ideal for traveling within a 5 mile radius, as you will still need to travel back home after work, unless of course, you do not mind pushing it all the way home. Maxing out at 15mph, it ought to help you zip by all the traffic jams – just make sure you wear a helmet wherever you go! If you do not like pink, then avoid this on all accounts.