EMF Protective Garments – Save Yourself!

There are many people worried about the effects of all different kinds of electric fields, from things like powerlines and computers, then there are people worried about radiation from WiFi and cell towers. Of course there are also people who are worried about everything (like me) but that’s for another website entirely.
Are there real concerns about certain cancers, diminished sperm production, even ADHD or Autism being caused, or exacerbated by some sort of radiation or electrosensitivity?  Maybe, but no longer will you need to wear aluminum foil on your head to protect yourself, Swiss Shield has developed a soft and wearable fabric, able to shield you from high frequency radiation, by means of reflection. Buy beautiful, ready to wear Italian designer shirts, or better yet, splurge on a Bloc Bag microwave radiation protective sleeping bag that folds into a book size package for complete anonimity and portability,  no one has to know about your fears, unless you decide to tell them.
For those of you more concerned about your nether regions, another good RF shielding option are the Silverell Boxer Shorts. Touted as being as soft as cotton, these simply designed, unisex boxers protect your more intimate body parts from RF attack. The fabric also boasts anti-static behavior, protection against body odor and has unique antiseptic qualities.
So if you’re hearing “mind noise” from RF radiation, you need only to visit LessEmf.com and browse their generous selection of protective clothing,  from hats, scarves and gloves to overcoats, face shields and even aprons… now you can stop hiding in the basement and start worrying about the millions of other things that are eventually going to get you.

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  1. wait… there are other things that are gonna get me… MILLIONS OF THEM?!?! … what are they please list them all lol

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