X Out – Acne Meds Go High Tech

Oh the joys of adolescent acne, with few very lucky exceptions, who among us didn’t suffer with at least a few dreaded teenage pimples? I remember making a much bigger deal out of the occasional zit than it actually was, and I guess that’s what being young is all about. Who knew when you got to be an adult you’d have a whole lot more to worry about.
Nonetheless, the makers of Proactiv, arguably one of the most recognized, televised and utilized acne meds of our time has developed an new medication aimed specifically at teens. X Out, which incorporates a nifty high tech idea in order to help teens recognize the recommended two minute wash time for the best acne blasting results. Each bottle of X Out Wash-In Treatment has a QR code can be scanned with a Smartphone that will automatically direct you to the X Out Daily Distraction, which is a new two-minute video that will change everyday. So whether it’s magic tricks,  fashion tips, sports tricks or comedy, X Out provides you with just the right amount of entertainment for your 2 minute wash time and will then (hopefully) also provide you with super clean, blemish free skin.
X Out exfoliates with tiny scrubbing beads and contains 8.5% benzoyl peroxide, it is dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic and is paraben and sulfate-free, so it’s suitable for all skin types and you can use the same face wash as a mask or a spot treatment. Hey! that’s different.
For more information, visit XOut.com, Facebook, or the Daily Distraction site  . X Out Wash-In Treatment retails for $24.95, or at the monthly rate of $19.95 for ongoing shipments. Oh how I wish I was a teenager again… zits and all.