King Jim Pomera DM100 digital memo


Most of us these days own a smartphone, a tablet, a phablet (like the Galaxy Note), or all three. Just when you thought that there was no longer any room to fit yet another gadget into your pant’s pockets, here we are with a digital memo known as the King Jim Pomera DM100. A digital memo? Don’t we all have a smartphone or tablet that has the Calendar app to remind us of all our appointments already? Why is there a need to carry another redundant device?

Hold your horses, boys and girls, as we read about how the King Jim Pomera DM100 digital memo is going to add value to your life. After all, the Japanese do not create anything without any purpose or not having a niche to fulfill, so with the King Jim Pomera DM100 digital memo, it is meant to help you take your memos with you wherever you go, being able to access it anytime, and there are also features like a straight keyboard for easy typing and preloaded electronic dictionaries to get you started.

I guess the King Jim Pomera DM100 digital memo caters for those who have a phobia of devices that are too convergent – and once in a while, would prefer something else that has only one function, and does it well. The moment you open up the King Jim Pomera DM100, you are able to write a memo there and then. It will obviously be powered by batteries, and uses Sanyo’s Eneloop AAA batteries at the moment. There is an SD memory card slot for you to stash away all your created documents and for easy transfer to a computer later on.

The Pomera DM100 measures 24.5mm at its thickest point, and 11.6mm at its thinnest. The display itself is a 5.7″ TFT monochrome LCD display with backlight that will be able to do more than enough to show off its SVGA resolution. There are also pre-loaded copies of the Meikyo Japanese dictionary MX, Genius English-Japanese dictionary MX, and Genius Japanese-English dictionary MX. Whenever you create a document, you just need to press a button to reference the Japanese dictionary.

Apart from that, there is also a QR code conversion feature that has been thrown into the mix, where pressing this button will have a previously created document converted to QR code instantly. It can then be read by a smartphone using the right app, where said document is then imported as text. Now how about that?


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