Genius SW-G2.1 3000 Gaming Speakers


I clearly remember when I bought my very first gaming rig with my own money more than a decade ago, setting up a LAN in the home with my brother and a housemate, where we need not waste any more money at cybercafes since we can always get some good, old fashioned fragging Quake action going on in the comfort of our homes. Of course, to go up head to head against one’s opponent required plenty of stealth and guile, not to mention wearing a pair of headphones so as not to give away my location to the opponent so easily.

When I am playing other single player games alone, however, that is a totally different matter – it was time to unplug the headphones, jack in a pair of high powered speakers, and blast away. Blasted away I did, until the neighbor from the row of houses behind ours came knocking on our gate, asking me to reduce the volume as he wanted to get a good night’s rest. Of course I complied, but those were the days when I was living the “young and dangerous” lifestyle. Genius knows that a power-packed speaker system is always something worth looking into, hence the Genius SW-G2.1 3000 Gaming Speakers.

With the Genius SW-G2.1 3000 Gaming Speakers, it will offer 70 watts RMS of juice, throwing in the GX series’ loudest subwoofer at the same time with 6.5″ of tub-thumpin’ goodness, delivering 40 watts of bass, while a couple of 15 watt curvaceous satellite speakers and a separate control box for easy adjustment of volume and bass rounds off the list of included hardware as well as their capabilities.

It comes highly recommended for you to place the subwoofer, speakers, and control box in the right array in order to maximize the acoustics and layout of just about any room, all the while retaining volume and bass control at your fingertips. With 3″ metal cones, the SW-G2.1 3000 satellite speakers are capable of playing middle to high range audio in a vivid and vibrant manner, while audio from the satellite speakers will be able to complement the deep, rich bass of the wooden cabinet subwoofer. In order to achieve high volumes at low distortion, the Genius SW-G2.1 3000 speaker system has more than enough wires inside going to have it achieve such depths of performance. If you are interested, it will retail for $119.99 a pop.

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Samsung UN55ES7100 Says: March 19, 2012 at 8:38 am

“Gaming” Speakers…lol. First we have gaming mice, gaming keyboards, gaming headsets, gaming power plugs, gaming monitors, gaming food, gaming drinks, gaming floormat, gaming shoes, gaming glasses, gaming ear muffs…

you get the point. i’ll take a nice Bose system over this.

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