Loudmouth Can Holder

Yes, the next edition of Superbowl is still quite some time away, but at least you have the summer Olympics to tide you through this year as the major sporting event of 2012. Having said that, booze and sports tend to go hand in hand, and instead of just being a loudmouth, you are able to “outsource” it to someone…or something else. Case in point, the $9.99 Loudmouth Can Holder. Yes sir, this unique can holder is the perfect tool for parties, where all it takes is a single touch of a button, and one out of 8 hilarious sound effects will play back.
Add that to the fact that you need not wrap your hand around the can of ice cold beer, and you have quite the invention here. Heat from your hand will not be transferred over to the beer can, ensuring it remains as cold as possible for the longest time before the laws of nature take its tool. Apart from that, your hand will also not end up wet due to the external condensation from the beer can, making this a truly win-win situation. At least it comes with batteries right out of the box to get you started straight away.