Razer Academy offers a new competitive gaming learning platform


Razer, a company that is no stranger to those who want to pick up a peripheral or two to ensure that they maintain a gaming edge over their opponents, is definitely an advocate of electronic sports. In fact, they are one of the pioneering supporters of this genre, and have more or less sponsored nearly all different kinds of gaming niches to date. Right now, Razer intends to champion the cause of an all new e-Sports learning platform that will target all gamers, ranging from casual and competitive amateurs to pro-gamers, and in order to assist them in this effort, it will be driven by some of the world’s most experienced and celebrated gaming personalities.

Right now, the Razer Academy is in its beta phase, and was specially designed to deliver an interactive, in-depth and enjoyable learning experience for e-Sports fans, where one is able to benefit from gaming shows, guides, game analysis, commentary, articles, interviews and documentaries. Among the luminaries whom you will be able to tap into their insight as listed after the jump.

  • Abdulatif “Latif” Alhmili – Streetfighter champion
  • Bachir “Athene” Boumaaza – world famous gamer and YouTuber
  • Toby “TobiWanKenobi” Dawson – professional Defense of the Ancients commentator
  • Ben “MrBitter” Nichol – professional StarCraft II commentator
  • Martin “AngeL” Olsen – professional Defense of the Ancients player
  • Protato Monster – League of Legends YouTube channel
  • John “Swifty” Pyle – World of Warcraft legend
  • Rachel “Seltzer” Quirico – e-Sports journalist and gamer
  • Stuart “TosspoT” Saw – professional commentator
  • Kendall “arCtiC” Smith – professional console gamer
  • Leigh “Deman” Smith – professional commentator
  • Kevin “RotterdaM” van der Kooi – professional StarCraft II commentator
  • Alexei “Cypher” Yanushevsky – Quake professional

Apart from that all-star lineup, you will also find elite members of Team Razer who will share their knowledge and expertise to the Razer Academy project, when they are called upon from time to time to be guests on shows, offering commentaries and guides to the clueless. Seems legit to me, and if you are a gamer who feels that there is just one bit of your game sphere lacking before you end up as top dog, then perhaps the Razer Academy would fit in nicely with your world domination plans.

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