MindWave – Please Use Your Brain

Most people are probably familiar with NeuroSky, even if they haven’t heard the name. NeuroSky are the folks that brought you Mindflex and the Star Wars Force trainer. What you might NOT know is that NueroSky doesnt just make kids games, they are integrating nueroscience into education, medicine and even automobiles.
The cornerstone of the “mind mingling” is the MindWave headset and, using bio-sensors just like the above mentioned games, it can communicate with a Mac or PC, and it does so via a wireless USB connection. Once connected, there are a multitude of focus inducing games, serene meditation apps and educational workouts that you can download directly from their app store. Who knew that? And theres a whole lot more…
Imagine driving a car that will alert you if you start to fall asleep, playing a game where your headpiece can actually monitor your attention level, or a “Cloud Smart TV” that can read your mental state and determine how a movie should end, how about a device that tells exactly when to hit your next golf shot? I know it sounds like science fiction but it could be a reality in a galaxy not that far away at all!
NeuroSky is also involved in ADHD, Alzheimers and brain injury programs, working with universeties to study how the brain can be “talked to”, exercised or even healed. Unlocking the mysteries of the human brain, now that would certainly change every aspect of life as we know it.
So now you know that NeuroSky is developing some pretty amazing technology, and some of it is available already. The MindWave (headset with 10 included applications) is available for 99 dollars and it turns your computer into a high tech private tutor. Check neurosky.com to purchase, or for a  lot more information.