ROCCAT Power-Grid might change the way we game


When it comes to gaming on the computer, the natural evolutionary path is very different from that of the home console. PC gamers have more or less remained faithful and true to the mouse and keyboard combination over the past couple of decades, while you see the home console scene evolve dramatically in terms of controls. From Nintendo’s N64 controller that looked totally different in its heyday to the SEGA Dreamcast’s ability to add on a mini controller to the main one, we now have motion controlled gaming and even the Kinect from Microsoft that uses your entire body as the controller itself.

Well, if you have been firmly entrenched in the PC gaming school of thought and own a smartphone device, then you might want to take a look at the ROCCAT Power-Grid which will definitely help you keep in touch with all of the important happenings on your smartphone even as you game – as the free-to-download Power-Grid is actually a tool that enables gamers to connect, monitor and control their game and PC in real time without being distracted by the action that is going on.

This particular app will feature four control displays, also known as “grids”, as standard. Three of these grids already come preloaded with a wide range of essential gaming tools, while the fourth will be your canvas of imagination, meaning, it is completely customizable. Out of the four, the first of the Power-Grid’s three pre-installed control grids is known as “Incoming Center”. This grid will ensure that all external voice and text communication, ranging from Skype to Facebook, TeamSpeak, and Twitter among others, can be seen at-a-glance should there be any activity, letting you receive messages from friends and teammates even when gaming.

As for the “Stats Control” grid, it provides an avenue to quickly check out on your computer’s vital statistics, including CPU status, hard drive space and network traffic. The third preloaded display would be the “Sound Control” grid, where gamers can set and fine tune all aspects of their gaming audio using just their smartphone alone, tweaking audio settings according to their whim and fancy.

Last but not least is the fourth grid that is fully customizable according to your heart’s content. The Power-Grid app can be downloaded for free if you are interested.


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