Toshiba has new range of SDXC and SDHC memory cards


Toshiba does not only make HDTVs and camcorders, you know, as the company also has a penchant for flash memory storage solutions. Having said that, Toshiba has just introduced a new range of high performance SDXC and SDHC memory cards that fall under a new brand name – EXCERIA. Hmmm, if I did not know any better, EXCERIA might just lead some people into thinking that this is some sort of smartphone name from Sony or the likes. The new range of SD memory cards, as Toshiba claims, is capable of delivering the highest performance levels available. I guess someone needs to run those claims through numerous benchmark tests before agreeing, don’t you think so?

I, just like many of you out there, did scratch my head a fair bit when I first came across the name EXCERIA. It was so called that way in order to reflect a combination of “excellent” and “experience”, where it will ensure that the cards are fully compliant with the SD Memory Card Standard Ver.3.0 UHS-I, and will also feature versions that offer the world’s fastest data transfer speed for an SD memory card.

Toshiba’s EXCERIA SDXC and SDHC memory cards, as you know, is said to offer fast data read and write speeds and full compliance with the SD Memory Card Standard Ver.3.0 UHS-I. In fact, the minimum recording speed is compliant with UHS speed class 1 and SD speed class 10, and the new products that will be launched in a trio of series, EXCERIA Type 1, Type 2 and Type HD, each of them will feature a trio of versions with different capacities.

The Type 1 series will be able to integrate new controllers which realize the world’s fastest data transfers, alongside a maximum read speed of 95 megabytes (MB)/sec and a write speed of 90MB/sec. As for Type 2 series products, those will offer a maximum read speed of 95MB/sec and a write speed of 60MB/sec, and last but not least, Type HD products have a maximum read speed of 90MB/sec and a write speed of 30MB/sec.

Toshiba hopes to roll out their new range of high performance SD memory cards under the EXCERIA banner sometime later next month, where capacities as well as pricing details have yet to be confirmed.

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