The Professionally Choreographed Orchestral Fountain

If you happen to own a yard that is large enough to play around with different kinds of garden accessories that will spruce up the overall look of your pad, then you might be interested in this rather luxurious $7,000 The Professionally Choreographed Orchestral Fountain. Yes sir, it is quite a mouthful to pronounce, but the fountain itself is capable of projecting lighted waterspouts which are synchronized with music. There is a computer chip located within the fountain that will synchronize the multicolored light patterns, the height of the waterspouts, and the side-to-side movement of a dozen water nozzles with the melody of the music.
As for the tunes of your choice, everyone in the garden ought to be able to hear it, since it will be transmitted through a quartet of 200-watt speakers that are built into the side panels alongside a 100-watt amp which generates crisp, clear sound. All three nozzles in the center of the fountain will emit a couple of tiers of sprays and water which glisten through a ring of white LEDs. The fountain itself is controlled via the included tablet computer, enabling users to select songs, adjust the volume, or change the choreography of the light and water show from up to 30′ away. Definitely the thing to introduce the green-eyed monster into the lives of the Joneses, don’t you think so?