Jubilee Solar Queen comes in purple

Long live the queen! Her Majesty The Queen has certainly lasted far longer in office than the numerous US Presidents who have come and gone over the years, offering a symbol of stability as well as that of a regal and wise ruler over her subjects. She is rarely seen without her hat, and she tends to come dressed in a mono-color set up, looking stunning no matter her age. Well, for those who love the color purple, you might be interested in the £14.99 Jubilee Solar Queen that will definitely help adorn your house with a very regal figurine.
This will deliver a touch of majestic splendor within or outside your humble abode. Her Majesty’s royal wave will be non-stop here unlike in real life, as long as there is sufficient solar power to keep her waving. As for the solar panels, they are obviously stashed away on her handbag, so that the rest of her outfit will not look out of place. This purchase is a limited edition figurine that was released to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee that marks 60 years of her reign on the throne.