Fishing Spirits offers force feedback


Once, video games and real life were separated – you had crazy titles like Centipede or even Pac-Man that had a pie chart wannabe going around a maze, avoiding ghosts at certain times (and turning the tables on them after eating a Power Pill) while chomping up different fruits and pellets, or even Asteroids that required you to help a ship in order to save the earth from destruction. Well, the advent of technology, especially in the graphics department, has certainly advanced the cause of video games, bringing more and more real life scenarios such as racing, boxing, wrestling, basketball, and the super popular war genres.

Fishing is definitely a niche market, as not all guys think that the best thing to do in the world is hanging out somewhere in the middle of the ocean with a rod in tow among good company. However, there are others who feel that they would prefer to be one with the ocean, battling wit against big game that live underwater. Replicating that experience on a game console is not that easy, but it has been done before. The closest I came to in fishing in a video game would be picking up Magikarp in Pokemon. Namco Bandai Games has come up with Fishing Spirits, an arcade fishing medal game that supports up to 8 players, as well as supporting force feedback controllers. We shall look in further detail about Fishing Spirits after the jump.

This unique title will hit arcades in Japan from July this year, and it is said to be radically different compared to previous medal games. This is said to be a totally new genre by itself, and Namco Bandai hopes that it will make you feel as though you were really fishing in the first place right from the moment you sit down. The game itself will feature a couple of 55″ displays for a truly stunning experience, and there are more than 50 kinds of fish which are large and small, swimming around the display. The new fishing rod shaped controller is equipped with vibration and reaction motors, delivering much needed tactile feedback to the player. Ah well, at least there are no sprays around the machine to keep you wet when the virtual fish struggles.

May the best fisherman win!


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