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Scented Gummy Bear Headphones

I have said it before, and I will say it again – everyone loves gummy bears. I have yet to see anyone turn down gummy bears when offered to them, although parents who are more health conscious tend to refuse such an offer on behalf of their kids, much to the little ones’ disappointment and chagrin. Well, this is one pair of headphones that you might just drool over, even if it is playing Justin Bieber’s music – the £9.99 Scented Gummy Bear Headphones. Something tells me that the ladies will most probably have a higher chance of picking this up compared to guys, considering it even comes with a scent.
The colors which the Scented Gummy Bear Headphones come in do reflect the smell, where blue carries a blueberry scent, while green, red and purple offers apple, strawberry and blackberry smells, respectively. No idea if anyone is going to collect all four colors just for the sake of collection, or will they realize that this is an instance where it looks better than it performs.

2 thoughts on “Scented Gummy Bear Headphones”

  1. Definitely not worth £9.99…Picked a pair of these up in the States for less than $7 which is far more reasonable considering the sound quality.
    Damn cute though!

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