Gears of War 3: C.O.G Snub Pistol Precision Prop Replica


Are you a huge fan of the first person shooter (FPS) on the Xbox 360 known as Gears of War? Well, the franchise has already entered into the third iteration, and for folks who cannot get enough of this amazing FPS can always pretend that they are in possession of the C.O.G. Snub Pistol with a little bit of imagination. Here is the deal from Thinkgeek – you might as well hold the real deal in your hand, instead of forming the shape of the gun with your fingers while making a “Pew! Pew!” sound, thanks to the $399.99 Gears of War 3: C.O.G Snub Pistol Precision Prop Replica.

Yes, it might be far more expensive than what you are used to for a replica, but this is one solid fictional weapon that has been manufactured into the physical realm, and your imagination will certainly run wild with this after that. It does feel like cold, hard steel in your hand, and is hand-cast, hand-finished, and hand-painted. The entire gun measures 13″ in length and tips the scales at 10 pounds – making it heavy and solid enough to be the perfect murder weapon.

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iGem Says: March 13, 2012 at 2:41 am

Yes i am a fan, and being that i can state that Gears of War has NEVER been a first person shooter

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