Manic Miner Heat Changing Mug

If you want to start off the day right, then why not do it with the £6.99 Manic Miner Heat Changing Mug. This classic platformer has been transported over to the world of a drinking apparatus, and with the right amount of heat in your favorite beverage, you would not have any issues reliving the days of yore concerning Spectrum gaming right from the comfort of the future. All you need to do is add hot water (hot milk will do just fine as well), and see the classic scene from Manic Miner unfold – in full color, yo! Needless to say, once your favorite beverage starts to cool off, so too, will the heat changing ink fade away to black. I guess this is as good as any an indicator to let you know that you can now down whatever remains without worrying about scalding your tongue. This is a fully licensed Manic Miner product, so don’t worry about being accused of purchasing a knockoff.