ivee Digit alarm clock – Siri in a box?

Have any of you experienced Siri on iOS 5? I am quite sure that the initial moments spent with Siri are very tender, and chances are, your experience would have remained stuck with you for a long time to come. After all, how often is it before Siri and iOS 5 that one is able to converse in a rather natural manner to one’s smartphone, and the software will be able to take what you have spoken and process it into different functions and tasks. Well, here is a little Siri-like experience to perk your day – although it will be limited to the form of the ivee Digit alarm clock.
Yes, I am quite sure that most folks already start their mornings off by yelling (see, it ain’t talking) at their alarm clock, asking it to quit its incessant ringing so that you can grab five more minutes of precious snooze time. The ivee Digit is slightly different, but so far, initial impressions of it has been rather decent, meaning it works as advertised. No idea on how it will perform when people with different accents talk to it though.

I would feel a bit weird talking to an alarm clock, but then again, perhaps this is the new method of interacting with our devices – first starting from the physical keyboard to the virtual one, and eventually will we be able to make a complete jump to just voice-based conversations and commands with your devices? Using the ivee Digital alarm clock should be a no-brainer – all you need to do is plug it into a nearby wall outlet, follow the instructions found in the Quick Start Guide religiously, and say, “Hello ivee”. Tell ivee the time, and it will set it accordingly, and you can also set up to two different alarms on a single clock – after all, not all married couples wake up at the same time.
Interestingly enough, the instruction booklet “warns” you not to speak to ivee Digit in a robot voice, and you are not to interrupt ivee until it is done speaking. I guess apart from that limitation of the hardware and software, it is also a great way to remind us that interrupting someone who is talking is just plain rude, and it is always better to listen than to talk. After all, we learn far more by listening. The ivee Digit will retail for $49.99 a pop if you are interested at something a little bit out of the ordinary.