SBU V3 – Look Ma! No Hands


I have never been the most coordinated creature on the planet. Since I learned to walk, people have called me the klutz, the clod and sarcastically, the ballerina. Needless to say people like me should normally shy away from this next item. Unless of course its purpose is to make you look good.

Welcome Focus Design’s newest Self Balancing Unicycle, or SBU V3. Boasting a learning curve that leaves any traditional unicycle in the dust, Focus Designs says that the average rider can be up and at em’ in just about 20 minutes. The SBU has a self balancing feature that orchestrates your forward and back movements keeping you extra steady in the saddle. Able to travel about 7.5  miles on a single AC charge and with top speeds of about 15 miles per hour, this thing could be a city dwellers new best friend.

So forget pesky handlebars or steering wheels, conquer your fears and impress your friends, the SBU does all the hard work for you. Using movements similar to riding a Segway, you simply use your body to signal your intentions and your SBU  will help you do it smoothly. It weighs in at only around 27 pounds and is more than capable of transporting a rider of up to 325 pounds. Check out the video here.

The SBU V3 comes with a battery and charger for around $1795.00, and it might be worthwhile to purchase an additional battery pack for around $299.00 (for longer trips) and in my case, I’ll definitely be needing the Noob wheels (I really like how they don’t call them training wheels) for an additional $85.00 Find it all at


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