Digital Mixing Bowl & Kitchen Scale


A mixing bowl is just a mixing bowl, right? Wrong! Not with Firebox and their new £29.99 Digital Mixing Bowl & Kitchen Scale. This remarkable design will feature a 2.5 liter mixing bowl that has a built-in digital scale, helping you save even more space in the kitchen, not to mention money as well since you need to purchase less items for your cooking attempts. The bowl itself can be detached easily from the scales, through the simple action of sliding them apart. It does not matter what you want to measure – water, oil, sugar, flour, the Digital Mixing Bowl & Kitchen Scale will get the job done with aplomb. There is an easy-to-read LCD display that shows off the weight of whatever ingredients you are weighing in 1 gram graduations. Just make sure you have a couple of AAA batteries handy in case it runs out of juice.

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